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  2. Why is it more stressful than to go to school?
  3. So anyone can tell me for sure ? 🥺
  4. Oki thank you for the awareness about this. I didn't know, I thought it was cheap and that's why it was like this. But I'm happy anyway that I could buy two ❤😁
  5. Same. It's so stressful, i feel so much overwhelming and it's difficult to be efficient as in class but fortunately i do one week online then one week in school.
  6. Thank you 😘 my feelings are too much that's the problem. I feel to much sometimes and it drive me crazy . I think I had feelings for someone and its absolutely not mutual 😶 . Anyway, one day at the time you're right 💜❤
  7. The shirts look so thin, it looks like a knock off version of the original one. But maybe it's a good deal if you want to save money.
  8. Well, so here’s an update of what I recently ordered for my collection: • Joanne (Canadian Standard CD with hype sticker) • Born This Way (Canadian Standard CD with hype sticker) • Cheek To Cheek (Argentinian Deluxe CD with hype sticker) • Cheek To Cheek (Mexican Deluxe CD with hype sticker) • Urban Outfitters Joanne white long sleeve shirt. (Size L)
  9. I just started a masters program this week. The subject is something I've been WAITING to study cause I minored in it. Hopefully it'll all go well - grad school ain't no fun and games
  10. In the past there was a LOT less available, but it was on booklets (CTC, Joanne and ASIB), and the price was the same as the actual CD. Plus she proved that she signed them with videos/pictures, and they were ACTUAL signatures! If you make people pay extra for a signature, you should honnor your end of the deal, and do an ACTUAL signature, not an L or a Z 💀 Hopefully her team noted the negative feedback and it won't happen again!
  11. Looks like White Dress will be the next (promo?) single! The info was found on fnd.io, a website dedicated to search into the iTunes database!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Sending you love Adeline. We’re right here with you. This year hasn’t started off well. Hopefully brighter days and better times are coming. We have to take it one day at a time which isn’t easy I’ll admit. You’re definitely not alone and very brave to open up about your feelings. I know better days will come. ❤️
  14. I never thought I'd be scanning Oreos but here we are
  15. I haven’t ordered anything from it Yes, her team confirmed it was her official store.
  16. Those signed cards are pretty cheap so it's accessible for more people, I mean I dont think it really matters how she signed it. The other signed things she did in a past what was there prices?
  17. Honestly this story is a shame. She should has signed less cards but more well done. We paid for a signature, not a L, it's not serious.
  18. I graduated last year, so the only effect that covid had on my journey is that I did my last 2 exams from home with much more ease. I can't imagine how stressful it must be to follow classes at home... Anyway @Sechito, focus on what's important, gaganow is not going anywhere :)
  19. Gaga recently create an amazon store, but there is no feedback. The shirts are cheaper than the official site. I want to know if it's good quality and about shipping time.
  20. Yes , I really dont regret buying a second one ☺❤
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