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OREO x Chromatica


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I bought the whole display 

A place to discuss all things Chromaticoreo ! (Yup, that's what I'm calling them from now on.) In addition to the green/pink Oreo for the USA, and an awesome contest for US residents using Sing It With Oreo, different places around the world will also get regular Oreos, but with a nice Chromatica packaging! What do you think of this collaboration? Did you expect it? Are you excited to tried them?  The Martin Agency, the graphic design agency behing this collaboration, shared

I found them ! 

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1 hour ago, Leography said:


OMG I live in Spain but really close to France so there's one Leclerc near me, no clue if I can get there tho cause of Corona and borders being closed 😭😭 If anyone finds them in Spain lmk!!


Also asked my US friend to send me some pink and green ones and I'm planning on keeping some of the cookies on resin so they last longer lmao will keep you guys updated if I make it work it out

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Haven’t found the pink ones yet. I did see the regular ones with the singing contest advertised on it. I’m keeping a look out for the pink and green ones. I heard they’re at 711 here in the US. I haven’t been to one yet though.

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EDIT (sorry for the double post, I can't edit the previous one)

Here are the European countries participating:

Already open: Austria / Germany / UK / 
January 28th: Czech Republic / Denmark / Finland / France / Italia / Norway / Portugal / Slovakia / Spain / Sweden / Ukraine 
February 15th: Hungary / 

February 28th: Switzerland
March 1st: Bulgaria / Croatia / Romania / Serbia / 

Not participating: Belgium / Cyprus / Estonia / Georgia / Greece / Iceland / Israel / Latvia / Luxembourg / Moldova / Netherlands / Poland / Slovenia

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I got 2 packs today from Rite Aid (US) for 11 dollars because I didn't want to wait for Walmart's to drop even though it would have been cheaper.

...yall.... theyre icky LMAO. and very hard. Pretty sure im going to get an upset stomach. 

I mean theyre fun to look at and maybe my other pack will be for my collection of Gaga stuff, but if it wasnt her then I would not have gone out of my way to get em 😭🤮


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