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Rank your Top 10 Lady Gaga Songs


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Monsters rank your Top 10 Lady Gaga music discography.

My Top 10 would be

1. Heavy Metal Lover

2. So Happy I Could Die

3. Dance In The Dark


5. Alice

6. Telephone

7. John Wayne

8. Alejandro

9. Replay

10. Always Remember Us This Way

but 6-10 changes at times :(

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Woof. Tough one!

01 | Scheiße (Btw, if you don't want to bother with the ß, you should use "Scheisse", otherwise it's not German at all!)
02 | Gypsy
03 | Babylon
04 | I Wanna Be With You
05 | Replay
06 | Dance In The Dark
07 | Judas
08 | Rain On Me
09 | Marry The Night
10 | John Wayne

But Born This Way, So Happy I Could Die, Aura, Hair and Perfect Illusion could be up there too, depending on my mood!

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I differentiate my favorite Gaga songs from her best songs. So here are what I think are her best due to them either having amazing production, lyricism, vocals, and overall appeal. They are in album order not a ranking. 

  • LoveGame 
  • Paparazzi
  • Bad Romance
  • Marry The Night
  • Judas 
  • The Queen 
  • Gypsy 
  • Joanne
  • Is That Alright? 
  • Alice 
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23 hours ago, Matthaeus said:

1) Joanne

2) Speechless


4) Born This Way

5) Venus

6) Sexxx Dreams

7) Perfect Illusion

8) Replay

9) Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)

10) Wonderful



Gypsy (especially the demo version)

This is a great list! I respect this a lot. :award2:

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I took a lady gaga song sorter. This is the result.

The link: https://kyrnk.tumblr.com/gagasorter 

(I'm desapointed, I can find the one that i did a long time ago with a lot of unrelesed songs)


1 Bad Romance
2 Judas
3 The Edge of Glory
4 Poker Face
5 Alejandro
6 Telephone
7 Dance in the Dark
8 Venus
9 Marry the Night
10 Hair
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No order but these are my Top 10



Bloody Mary

So Happy I Could Die

I’ll Never Love Again

The Edge of Glory

Do What U Want

Perfect Illusion

Stupid Love



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