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  1. I graduated last year, so the only effect that covid had on my journey is that I did my last 2 exams from home with much more ease. I can't imagine how stressful it must be to follow classes at home... Anyway @Sechito, focus on what's important, gaganow is not going anywhere :)
  2. Alright folks, my bday is soon! Who's gifting me a Chromatica promo pack?
  3. I do believe she signed almost all of them, hence why the big delay.
  4. Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform the national anthem for the Biden-Harris inauguration on January 20th at 11:30 am ET. The inaugural committee for the President and Vice President Elects confirmed to Variety of Lady Gaga's performance. She is set to sing The Star Spangled Banner for the swearing-in ceremony on the West front of the U.S. Capitol. Lady Gaga is one of many stars in the inaugural lineup. Jennifer Lopez is set to perform; Amanda Gorman, the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate, will recite a poem; Andrea Hall, a firefighter, will sing the Pledge of Allegianc
  5. Glad she took time to address the subject..
  6. Ugh pretty hard from this short context. Was it a video recorded by a fam?
  7. The Beloved Community Awards will be honoring Lady Gaga, other individuals, as well as organizations that have made a social impact in the past year. This event will take place at The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia on January 16th from 7pm-9pm, with online access to the public. This ceremony, which was originally named The Salute to Greatness Awards, recognizes those on a national and international level who are committed to and have pursued the quest for social justice and peaceful change in the world. This event takes place annually in preparation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U
  8. @blinklg Done! Gongrats, you're LGN new featured artist!
  9. Any fans of Lana Del Rey Here? Stream her new single Chemtrails Over The Country Club
  10. This is just spectacular. Do you mind if I feature you on the LGN Homepage?
  11. If they really pick Rome as location, I'll quit my job to stalk her daily lmao
  12. APRIL 8 2020: The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively reported that MGM is acquiring the rights to Ridley Scott’s Gucci, a true crime drama about the murder of Maurizio Gucci who once served as the head of the iconic fashion house. The media company is said to be in talks with Lady Gaga to star in the production. MGM was given full control to develop the story over Netflix and one other streaming service, partly because it offered the possibility of a theatrical release, which was a key factor in consideration for Ridley Scott, sources say. Gaga would return to the silver screen as P
  13. He was so sad last night... I feel so bad for sharing the quote. =(
  14. Congratulations @Sechito! You’re the winner of the ARTPOP stack figure. You have 24 h to DM me your address :) Congrats! If you are interested in purchasing other Gaga Stack Figures, visit Amaury’s Instagrams page.
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