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  1. drama is necessary i mean they're drag queens lolz it's not best friend's race where evryone is kind and bkabkabka we need to be entertained haahahahaha
  2. Episode 2: I liked the episode, got to know the queens more, i was so touched by mik's story. The challenge was a big mess, compared to the season 12 one for example, there was a lot going on the verses weren't memorable and the song was A CHOICE. Symone and Olivia deserved their top position even to that lipsync was kinda weak i hate tina and kandy(i don't understand a word of what she's saying) i just want them to get tf out.
  3. i'm from Algeria, the biggest country in Africa hah
  4. you can't kick out the best member here i fear
  5. SPOILER ALERT the production understood that the fans don't want queens to go home that early so they get to know them better, no queen is going home til episode 4
  6. chill guys no one is going home haha
  7. it's been 7 months since the album was released and she didn't do anything except the VMAs that she HAD to do...i gave up on this era tbh it's disappointment after disappointment
  8. everyone forgets that our girl is super lazy hahahahaa
  9. Cause i always spill king I KNOW RIGHT???!!!! Denali literally ATE that lipsync she served Charisma, Moves and gags love her
  10. thank you for sharing too, i'm sure the gym will help you A LOT as it helps me too i forgot to mention it hahahaaha , keep going you are loved and thanks for being brave <3
  11. seriously lmfaoooo you have such a slytherin aspect I'm a proud slytherin here 🐍 i recently rewatched all the movies my favs are the first 4 movies and my fav book is clearly the 6th
  12. Hey hey ! I created this thread since the Drag Race season has already started with the initial season airing and UK coming in 2 weeks. This thread is for discussing each week's episode, and why not talk about the show in general (fav queens, lipsyncs, seasons etc) So i'll start, The 1st episode from season 13 was AMAZING !!! the cast is really great all the girls are lovely and super talented. I loved the new twist and format (even tho i think it's a bit traumatizing for the queens to have that kind of twist on day 1). The lipsyncs were great, there was some robberies (Ros
  13. My anxiety really was ruining my life, and i mean it when i say it. I was literally always scared of doing a LOT of things just because of that, imagine that i could be scared of sitting alone in a park for example because i was too scared to get attacked or something like that......I tried meditation and it's really working, i try focusing more on myself and doing things that i love it gives me more confidence and i overcome this fear everytime step by step
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