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  1. I hope this is the start of the end of the new wave of hate a d authoritarian speeches. It should've been sooner. Hope next thing is impeachment and then prosecution under federal law for treason.
  2. Rock. But truly rock not a pop song saying it's rock.
  3. She really didn't sing Paparazzi at Coachella.. Wow..
  4. The first time I did new years resolutions was in 2019 for 2020.. So.. anyway.. I just want to have fun again, go back to college (as attend physically) and be able to see my grandmas.
  5. The moment you said. When she attended that event with Marina Abramovich. Also the whole R Kelly situation.
  6. Sadly, it does. I completely understand. It'd be nice if you can plan it with a fellow Little Monster, a friend or a family member so you don't get too overwhelmed by all of it. Think about that you'll have the best time there even if you felt anxious planning it 😭
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