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  1. You have the Taiwan slipcase on YesAsia, recently ordered my japanese Chromatica box set from them and I really recommend their page https://www.yesasia.com/global/chromatica-taiwan-version/1091562345-0-0-0-en/info.html
  2. Gosh I remember I wanted the horns JWT sweater from there but just checked and it's sold out 💀
  3. Any idea of how long will the show be? It'll start at 1AM where I'm at and I really want to see it, specially if Gaga is giving an aceptance speech which I believe she will since it's such a special award
  4. YASS!! Love your new additions! Everybody better keep updating us on their new collection items even if they're not from Chromatica era cause I love to see it
  5. Joanne World Tour at Barcelona was my first and only Gaga concert. I have tickets for both Paris and London Chromatica Ball dates but pretty sure they ain't happening....
  6. I'm honestly soooo excited for this project 😍 specially since I'm a huge cinephile myself and this movie seems really promising
  7. OMG I live in Spain but really close to France so there's one Leclerc near me, no clue if I can get there tho cause of Corona and borders being closed 😭😭 If anyone finds them in Spain lmk!! Also asked my US friend to send me some pink and green ones and I'm planning on keeping some of the cookies on resin so they last longer lmao will keep you guys updated if I make it work it out
  8. It's weird cause they kept teasing the app even till the VMAs performance and since then... crickets
  9. Definitely rock!! Even heavy metal! I want an album full of heavy Gaga and her amazing vocals, been wanting a rock album from her since forever. If she includes collabs in it with iconic musicians from the rock world that would make it A++ Then as a side-project and not a whole album with its era I would love for her to someday release an acoustic album with her biggest hits on piano like Paparazzi, Poker Face, Marry The Night, Bad Romance...
  10. Update! Got my japanese Chromatica box set and didn't have to pay customs so so happy rn
  11. Same!! Just bought them last year cause BTW merch is my fav hahah
  12. OMG that's so cool!! May I ask you how much you paid for it? So I know more or less what's a good price for this package.
  13. Overall I'm pretty happy with Chromatica merch but I'd like to see more merch like keychains, necklaces, pins... in the style of BTW's
  14. What bothers me the most about all of this is the on and off era. Like how many times has her team posted about "The journey continues..."? I literally lost count and still everytime the journey continues all we get is a music video, maybe an interview or two and again we're going into full void. I'm not mad tho, don't misunderstand me but like it makes me so confused as to what's happening. Really hope we get to hear about what's going on behind the cameras in the future. Wouldn't mind for her to put the era on pause till she can properly give it the rollout she had in mind but not this inter
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