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  1. Merci j'avais oubliée l'interview de cette année, peu de gens on ont parlé
  2. J'ai une question. Quand était la dernière apparition télé de gaga en France? Les dernières dont je me souviens c'était pendant BTW et pour la radio Joanne.
  3. Thank you!!! I was looking for some! I love BTW era interviews
  4. Can't wait!! This is so cool! The day of my birthday
  5. Omg! I want it so bad 🤩 you're so lucky. As you say it's good quality i want it more! 😁🤩
  6. Toxic relationships are so dangerous and it's difficult to recover from that. One of my friend was in toxic relationship, her ex-boyfriend was crazy and violent. It was a long distance relationship but he has some influence on her. We said to her to be carefull and that he is toxic but she realised 2 years later and broke up with him. She is happy but still didn't totaly recover. Sending you loves and hopes 💜 I hope one day you will have a happy and healthy relationship.
  7. The design is so good. I love the fact that they change the color of the "they can scare me" one and release some old ones. But the quality isn't here, too bad it could have been so cool
  8. Thank you 💜 i hope we can return To class normaly
  9. The teachers and us don't really know what we are doing, everything is a bit cahotic there is no real organisation, the network we are using crash really often, you can miss some information because every teacher uses a different website, teachers give us more homework than in class and for a lot of people no one can help at home.
  10. Same. It's so stressful, i feel so much overwhelming and it's difficult to be efficient as in class but fortunately i do one week online then one week in school.
  11. The shirts look so thin, it looks like a knock off version of the original one. But maybe it's a good deal if you want to save money.
  12. Gaga recently create an amazon store, but there is no feedback. The shirts are cheaper than the official site. I want to know if it's good quality and about shipping time.
  13. I took a lady gaga song sorter. This is the result. The link: https://kyrnk.tumblr.com/gagasorter (I'm desapointed, I can find the one that i did a long time ago with a lot of unrelesed songs) 1 Bad Romance 2 Judas 3 The Edge of Glory 4 Poker Face 5 Alejandro 6 Telephone 7 Dance in the Dark 8 Venus 9 Marry the N
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