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  1. I just ordered a hoodie so let’s see!!! I’ll post pics when I get it
  2. Omg thay one is so good These were my signed cards 🙃🙃🙃 the L is cute but not sure what the other one is
  3. I just got the oreo display lol but that’s it
  4. How many shows have you been to? Which ones?
  5. A rock album, I will die. Man, she can sing
  6. Gaga is more of a humanitarian than other artists. I feel like she takes things more personal and like it affects her, the record wasn’t her priority in that hell of a year we just had and I respect that. The album did good for the minimal attention she gave it. I’m not mad at it. Dua killed it but she is still proving herself, Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga so she can put music on the back burner and help the world. Of course I hope she makes up for lost time but again, I respect it
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