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  1. EXACTLY BESTIE!! Remember that short Led Zeppelin cover she did. I still play till this day. Even if she makes just 1 rock song as a single ill take it!!
  2. Monsters rank your Top 10 Lady Gaga music discography. My Top 10 would be 1. Heavy Metal Lover 2. So Happy I Could Die 3. Dance In The Dark 4. ARTPOP 5. Alice 6. Telephone 7. John Wayne 8. Alejandro 9. Replay 10. Always Remember Us This Way but 6-10 changes at times :(
  3. Its like metal and hard not tacky and she got it custom made 😭, im not sure how much she spent. There wasnt any online back then but im sure you can find them on etsy or shoppe if youre from Asia.
  4. SAME OMG. Gaga needs to make this happen. WE NEED THIS!
  5. Feels like just last week i was learning the choreo as a kid in my room. Good days.
  6. More jewellery!! Chains, rings, bracelets etc. The bling bling stuffs haha and more bandanas.
  7. Starting to feel that Gaga X Doja will most likely happen rather than Gaga X Nicki
  8. LADY GAGA X NICKI MINAJ Ive been wanting this for so many years already, almost a decade. its time for both queens to come together and SMASH. Other than that GAGA X KATY also overdue , GAGA X DOJA. This might be weird, but personally dreaming of GAGA X ROSALIA. Imagine the serve, i think maybe just me but yeah.
  9. I think we have something coming since gaga x nick has been confirmed. I want merch, maybe a short film/a video with all the songs together ? Another, this might be a strech but i really really hope HML gets some justice, maybe a video, anything is ok, as long as HML gets justice.
  10. is it the deep voice for free woman saying "be free" after gaga says be free?
  11. you can hear it online, just gotta find. There was a link i remember, try finding. You wont regret it
  12. They are the best remixes so far. My favourite is the Bruno Martini but Sofi Tukker comes in next very closely. Madeon did one short remix for NYE 2021 playlist on Apple. It sounds SOO GOOD. Even though it was for less than a minute the intro and the outro the way it merges the songs prior and after is so heavenly. Madeon served hard.
  13. YES OMG! I remember when the full tracked leaked and everyone went back to that halloween pic that gaga posted on ig, on her phone she was playing "stupid love" . Some saying its a coincidence, kinda interesting.
  14. Hi, Little Monsters since 2021 is coming (or already here) , list down some (if not all :) ) of your new years resolutions. Lets see if we have any in common.
  15. Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea, Dua Lipa alot actually 🥵 but its fun haha
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