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  1. I'm so afraid something happens to her with those nuts people at there but I can't wait to see what she's gonna do 😁
  2. Yes ! Je vais pas trop parler français ici , cest embêtant pour les autres , mais jen profite par ce que mon anglais est pourri lol pour te remercier proprement par ce que cest vraiment touchant ce que tu m'as dit, merci ❤ Yes! I'm not going to speak too much French here, it's annoying for the others, but I take this opportunity because my English is rotten lol to thank you properly because it is really touching what you said to me, thank you ❤
  3. You're gonna make me cry 🥺, you're so sweet.. thank you so much ❤ are you French?
  4. Good question lol I'm wondering too. I think I'm a " little monsters " since I have 3 tribes symbols . I thinks it's related to the reactions on our posts
  5. That's really touchfull 🥺 , you're so kind ❤ I learned to protect myself but yes the scars stays I learned to live with it. Yes I'm very free 😁 therapy helped me a lot to accept my responsibilities too, I let it happened in a way because I was so desperate to be loved, so i stoped fighting and let her do wathever she wants at some point. When she left me it was hard but it was such a relieve, I could breathe again. It take times but we can recover with patience and help ❤
  6. I didn't but honestly I dont think shes gonna come 🙁
  7. If I can help I would happy to.
  8. No you didn't bothering me 😘 I was just wondering because my English is really bad and sometimes I write dumb things lmao
  9. My favourites interviews will always be those she did with Howard stern. All of them ,she was so natural 😁
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