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  1. I think it's 2hours long, but I dont know when she will do her speech
  2. There is no name, that's the problem. Nobody's is credited for that voice. I didn't found nothing but I'm dumb sometimes, its probably in front of my eyes and I just cant see the answer 😂
  3. I'm sure she would've done the some things even if she wasn't famous. She's such a loving person
  4. I'm pretty sure this award means more then a lot of the other ones she got this year. And she so deserves some recognition for the good she does for the world !
  5. It's a shame ,its their job to educate students
  6. I dont think she's gonna be there. Let's just hope for a little " thank you " video 🤞
  7. Thank you ❤ I dont know if I'm gonna be able to ever be in a relationship. It's to hard , I have some trust issues and a lot of anxiety I'm to afraid to meet new people. It's not all because of my ex but she exacerbated all my initial mental issues. Being alone is safer for me, it's more peaceful but its hard sometimes
  8. Some teachers became lazy because of the pandemic, its not fair.
  9. I dont think I really will recover. But it give me some strength in a way now because I have lived the worst. But ilahe left me with less confidence than before and it stays. Feeling that your not good enough and feeling depressed everytime someone rejects you some how. i could talk about this for hours lol
  10. Oh, that topic gonna shock me up.. I was in a really toxic relationship for years.. it had take me years to feel better and I still have sequels today. It's been more then 10 years now that she left me and I never touched a woman since. But you should ask for good relationship story instead lol , its gonna be depressing and not helping you to have hope about love lol
  11. I really hope so. The situation is not healthy sometimes it's hard
  12. Oh, I see . I understand 🙁 . Thank you. I hope its gonna be better 💜
  13. Why is it more stressful than to go to school?
  14. So anyone can tell me for sure ? 🥺
  15. Oki thank you for the awareness about this. I didn't know, I thought it was cheap and that's why it was like this. But I'm happy anyway that I could buy two ❤😁
  16. Thank you 😘 my feelings are too much that's the problem. I feel to much sometimes and it drive me crazy . I think I had feelings for someone and its absolutely not mutual 😶 . Anyway, one day at the time you're right 💜❤
  17. Those signed cards are pretty cheap so it's accessible for more people, I mean I dont think it really matters how she signed it. The other signed things she did in a past what was there prices?
  18. Yes , I really dont regret buying a second one ☺❤
  19. Thank you , maybe I will. I'm not a big fan of Ebay lol
  20. Where can I fund the chromatica promo pack everyone talking about ?? Also, when is your birthday? Lol
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