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  1. I think she is just busy and probably decided to don't spend her free time on social media, which is imo a wise decision. I mean social media is sometimes even for "ordinary people" stressful and even more so for celebrities. She's an musician, an actor, has a make-up brand and a foundation. And maybe some deals that have to be done, I mean the whole roll out plan for chromatica was already organized and could include more agreements (like with Apple, Oreo or Valenino) that have more or less strict deadlines. (pure speculation) As long as she is as healthy and happy as her condition
  2. The idea with an EP is very good and something I would really enjoy. But I have to agree with @Adeline : "she doesn't have to please us". It's cheesy, but we have to show graditude for what we got and not focus on the things we wanted and didn't get. Otherwise we are just drowning ourselfs in unnecessary frustration. Of course it's okay and fun to fantasize and to puzzle over "what's the next step?". But we should be cautious that our fantasy don't become our espectation. Because when, for example, a new Hauslabs product comes out and people are upset that nothing, in their eyes
  3. Speaking of fragrance, is Fame still available? Because I can't find new ones.
  4. Those prizes are just amazing. Thank you <3
  5. I'm from Germany, after covid in Cologne.
  6. Gaga x Sia - maybe a ballad? Gaga x Maria Brink - something between "Manicure" and "Adrenalize"? And out of pure curiosity Gaga x Slipknot?
  7. No, I never done that. But I seriously plan to implement some of her styles, like the leather jacket bandana aesthetic you mentioned or clasp pins on a T-shirt sleeve.
  8. (Solely ranking the music in itself by my personal enjoyment) The Fame Monster > Born This Way > ARTPOP > Chromatica > The Fame > Joanne > A Star Is Born > Cheek To Cheek
  9. Yeah, I'm looking for a good deal for the Born This Way picture discs, but the prizes out there are insane.
  10. We already have Sour Candy Merch. I think we got "almost" all the merch that was planned, because the supply chain should work relatively good despite covid.
  11. The 7 single picture discs from The Fame and The Fame Monster. Not THAT rare, but I love them <3
  12. I always smile, when I think about the black magic scheiße spells LMs posted under Trump supporting tweets
  13. Count me in! It would be my first streaming party ever lol
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