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  1. Anyone else order a signed chromatica poster? This has been the longest Gaga has ever taken to sign something it makes me wonder if the orders are just going to end up getting canceled 😶 the signature better be good since we waited like 7 months
  2. Hello everyone I was wondering what happened to them because last year I was ordering specific things with them, I was ready to order and they never responded my last emails and now the website is not working 💔 did anybody know something?
  3. Any Gaga tattoo? Either ones like hers or inspired by her? I have the peace sign, the Gaga music notes, la vie en rose and “la dolce vita” she says that in Donatella
  4. Does anyone remember Matthew "Dada" Williams? He was part of the HAUS OF GAGA until 2010. What really happened between Gaga and him? I know they dated, and he’s now the creative director of Givenchi. I’ve never seen him talking about Gaga after 2010. And also Gaga mentioned him on the Netflix documentary Gaga Five Foot Two...
  5. Mine is Trigger! The darkness and the sinister vibes of that song are so unreal I wish she would do more like that in LG7
  6. When you became a little monster ? ( with wich song, wich mv, wich performance, wich album...) I became a little monster when I saw the mv of bad romance in 2009, i liked her before with the fame but bad romance changed my mind and my life. It was amazing but as a french child i was too young to understand a single thing but now i can!!
  7. Personally, mine is the Eli Russell Linnetz photoshoot for the original concept for Enigma!
  8. hii there’s been speculations for a while of the sour candy mv and the queen 💅🏻 herself teased it do you think a mv release would be good rn or should she focus more on promoting the album and creating more of this era? i think whatever she’s doing and whatever we will get will be amazing 🤝
  9. Honesty I wouldn’t mind either way as I eat up everything she does but is it greedy if I say both? 😂😂
  10. I’ve heard both on this, I am unsure if I should consider Eh Eh a single in my Gaga collection. I’ve heard it’s only a single in some regions maybe?
  11. Hey, not sure where to post this, but here goes; what do you guys think about ending the year with a bang, and throw one last big Chromatica listening party? Maybe not on NYE since people will be busy, but on December 30th or something? @Mattwhat do you think? 🥺 I'm really sad we didn't get the one with Gaga, but still, I love doing them so much!
  12. Personally, I would tell her about how much she's impacted my life and how much she's been a positive influence to me!
  13. I love so many but my top 3 is: - ARTRAVE - GRMMYS PERFORMANCES (Specially the 2010 one) - 2013 and 2020 VMA's
  14. My favorite ones are from Paparazzi mv where she had Marilyn Monroe on her nails and the iconic nails from Bad Romance mv 😍✨✨
  15. for anyone who has dressed up as Gaga for any occasion, what outfit did you decide to go with? I’ve done her Judas costume, the black leather jacket and bandana, and I’ve done the Countess.
  16. As a little monster, my biggest dream is watching Gaga live for the first time and maybe one day get to know her personally!!! What about you?
  17. This fanbase is chaotic, but we can also have some fun. What is your favorite little monster moment? I'll go first: shallowbucks and ma ma pa pa perfect illusion were just iconic. I laught everytime I think about them.
  18. I was curious about what would be a good concept for an EP that would go well with Chromatica. I was thinking a interesting one would be her explaining the tribes that she introduced in the Stupid Love MV. I kind of felt like she left that idea behind and having songs that represent each tribe (one song for each tribe) could possibly be cool. The songs could be the SOPHIE ones and be experimental. How do you guys feel about that concept? What would be your concept? How many songs?
  19. Hey guys this is the fashion topic you always wanted hahaha. Tell me, what are your favorite Lady Gaga's outfits? Here are mine: AND MUCH MORE hahahah
  20. Rank Gaga's singles and show us the result! I start: https://gagasreputatiion.tumblr.com/GagaSingles
  21. Have you met any friends by being a part of this fandom? I have literally met my best friends and it’s better than a typical friendship bc they always want to go to shows!!!
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