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Found 16 results

  1. What would you say was Gaga’s biggest era? In terms of the album that got her the most attention from people who aren’t necessarily fans?
  2. ...What was that all about? It was massive in like May and stuff when she started teasing it, the website even got found, we literally know what it looks like. I don't get why nothing has been done with it, it's really like the ARTPOP app. What do you guys think? I think it was a HUGE missed opportunity.
  3. It was the Telephone MV and hearing Just Dance on the radio.
  4. I'm thinking of a surprise music video or photoshoot. What does everyone think?
  5. Hi everyone Which remixes do you prefer and why ? Personaly I love the sofi tukker remix because I love the fact that they respect the song without altering it to much. And I really like how they add sound progressively, it make me insane! 🤪🥳 Plus I like they adding "emergency" to the song.
  6. Since the beginning of her career she has spoken in french. What do you think of her accent?
  7. What's your top 05 favorite music video of all time? Mine is: 01. Alejandro 02. Marry the Night 03. Bad Romance 04. Judas 05. G.U.Y.
  8. Pick your top track from each of LGs albums. I’ll let you guys go first because this is HARD
  9. 1. Enigma 2. Sine From Above 3. Stupid Love 4. Replay 5. Fun Tonight Your turn!
  10. Monsters rank Lady Gaga's albums. Lets see your list!
  11. Hey guys, girls and non-binary people. I know this is controversial. But what was your least favorite lady Gaga moment? I think Mother Monster is a genius talented and an empathic person. Also a true LGBTQ+ icon. She never bores me and always does the unexpected. So what could be my least favorite moment? It’s the live performance of SWINE where she gets vomited on. Like Demi Lovato said, I don’t think showing people putting their fingers in their mouth is good for people with eating disorders. And may be harmful. End Rant. All love here ❤️
  12. I think we all imagine music videos in our heads and sometimes they don’t live up to our expectations. I want you guys to share with me MV concepts you’ve had for Gaga songs that do have mvs but they’re not close to as interesting as your concepts.
  13. Well, for me, my favorite is G.U.Y. (An ARTPOP Film) because it represents a raw and disturbed reality, where the most powerful people take advantage on the others to make more money! Also, because Venus and G.U.Y 2 of my favorite songs ever! And I mean, the aesthetics are from another dimension ahaha
  14. Love to hear your stories about meeting gaga! Also what really stuck out in your mind about her? What surprised you about her in person? I met her backstage of Artrave and she was so switched on. Just a power and I already remember her ordering a red wine and coke. When I asked her what is that she replied it’s something she got from Spain and let me try it. Was very nice to be honest!
  15. What's a product you'd love to see at Haus Labs? I'd love to see more mascaras AND Gaga-inspired press on nails!
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