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  1. Hi! I’m making a list of songs that got scrapped from her shows and want to know if anyone knows about any more songs that got scrapped???? Maybe how the arrangements for a few songs went or anything like that? Would definitely help! Here is what I got so far: The Fame Ball Tour 1.0.: Fashion Paparazzi (Acoustic) (if you exclude The Chapel show) The Born This Way Ball 1.0.: Dance in the Dark So Happy I Could Die ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour 1.0.: Brooklyn Nights Aura (Extended Intro) Do What U Want (Full Solo Vers
  2. How many shows have you been to? Which ones?
  3. Hello. I’m back here on the boards of LGN. I just have one question. Did LG marked all the album artworks her stores sold as signed albums? What do you think about this? I believe only Germany customers got the real signature: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCfZnlLJHqD/?igshid=165m266fg9bl4
  4. Does anyone have any info about Inauguration Day, like will gagas performance be virtual or pre recorded... surely with all the safety issues and threats she won’t actually be performing at the capitol? I hope she stays safe it’s making me anxious af
  5. Hi everyone, Does someone know who is the guy in the stupid love remix, and free woman too a little. I have an idea but it feels to weird lol its bothering me since I listened to chromatica for the first time !
  6. Hi, guys. This is my first topic here, so I don't know if I'm doing it right hehe anyway, I remember watching a video of lady gaga where she says "I'm Lady Gaga and I'm upset (angry? something like that)" It was a long time ago (probably during the ARTPOP era). A fan asked her to record this video during an event. It was so random and short. I'm pretty sure I've watched this on twitter when that happened. Does anybody knows what I'm talking about? Is it something that my mind made up? Maybe a dream? If you do know but don't know where to find the video, please make a comment too.
  7. Monsters rank your Top 10 Lady Gaga music discography. My Top 10 would be 1. Heavy Metal Lover 2. So Happy I Could Die 3. Dance In The Dark 4. ARTPOP 5. Alice 6. Telephone 7. John Wayne 8. Alejandro 9. Replay 10. Always Remember Us This Way but 6-10 changes at times :(
  8. I have quite a few Gaga store displays, I have two CD stands from Barnes and noble from when Cheek to Cheek came out, and I also have a Joanne CD display from there as well. I also have the huge Versace poster from Sunglass Hut back in like 2013. Does anyone else have any interesting store displays? I love collecting them. I still really want one of those huge Fame perfume bottle store displays 😭 side question: I want to get my hands on one of the Valentino perfume displays/ posters currently at Macy’s but I don’t want to go through the hassle of calling them to ask them to give it to
  9. My drea collaboration is a song by Katy Perry x Lady Gaga or Adele x Lady Gaga, since Michael Jackson x Lady Gaga is not possible :(
  10. What is everyone's thoughts on the Chromatica era, this includes the rollout, album, visuals and photoshoots? It's personally one of my favourite eras but the rollout...not so much. What about everyone else?
  11. Best Gaga gift you have either received or given???? Go! Mine is definitely this handmade S a friend gave me.
  12. Personally, I REALLY want a rock album like Miley Cyrus. With originally being rock pre-debut and doing many rock covers, I think she would NAIL the rock sound, concept and look! What about you?
  13. If you could create a piece of merch for LG, what would it be? I would say a boxset for Chromatica similar to the BTW box with a different photo on every vinyl.
  14. What do you think is Lady Gaga's best album and why?
  15. After silence from Gaga and no new content in sight, it seems like the Chromatica era will be ending soon. Due to this, I am anticipating her next move. What do you think Gaga will do this year? Will she focus on promoting Chromatica or new movies or will she release new music all together?
  16. Little Monsters check! It's a given fact that Lady Gaga is a Global Superstar, from what country you are stanning her and what's her current status there (like how do they receive Gaga's works) ? Im from the Philippines and we love her (as fas as i know). Although some conservatives had trouble dealing with her way way back BTW era, majority of us are now enjoying her music especially from the ASIB soundtrack and of course her recent singles. My mom loves her so much that it's a habit of her to play Chromatica every morning 😁
  17. What are your picks? For me, it would be: The Fame: Boys Boys Boys The Fame Monster: Speechless Born This Way: ScheiBe ARTPOP: Venus (promo single -> single) Joanne: John Wayne A Star Is Born Soundtrack: Always Remember Us This Way Chromatica: Sour Candy (promo single -> single)
  18. Hi , did someone knows exactly when and why she started too used the name little monsters ? I saw some interviews where she talked about it but she don't always say the same thing lol so did someone remember ?
  19. I was 19 years old. I'll never forget that day! The Born This Way album changed my WHOLE LIFE. I've loved myself so much more since May 23rd 2011 & I've loved my Mother Monster even more for instilling self love within me. Tell me how old you were when BTW dropped!
  20. Do you remember the moment/song that made you a fan?
  21. Do you guys think we’ll get more music from the chromatica universe?
  22. Hey is anyone else extremely confused about this era😂 do you think anything else is going to happen or should we just move on already, I just hope she’s okay and staying safe. Also if the chromatica ball doesn’t go ahead this year do y’all think she’ll just cancel it or move it again until early next year when things are safer, I know a lot of artists have moved their performances to early next year instead of cancelling.
  23. Over the past month, Gaga and her team have been...confusing to say the least. They began to tease Sour Candy, Gaga began posting daily, like she did before 911. But now it's just silence and sometimes looks while she's out with Michael. Why do you think she's been quiet? Do you think she's working on something?
  24. Leaked in full only, OOC fans pick another one for now. Mine keeps changing with moods, but I can say that my life would be a lie without those, in this order. Blueberry Kisses is the most sentimental tho, it was the first time I've ever waited and longed for a song to leak, by any artist, as MJ had lots of songs out throughout my childhood and my uncle was my unreleased mp3 provider, so I felt complete with him. Gaga still doesn't have much songs out, and it feels unreleased is just an important mass of her work to have. 1. Let Love Down 2. Second Time Around
  25. Who is looking forward to Kylie X Gaga Of course I remember gaga saying this
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